About me

I am Coline Robin, a 29-year-old graphic recorder and illustrator. I am trained and I worked as an architect before working as a freelancer. Architecture developed my logical thinking and increased my existing cross-disciplinary curiosity. Since 2011, I have visited and lived in many countries in Europe and the Middle East including Germany and Turkey. I am speaking fluently French, English, German, and have a good understanding of Turkish and Spanish. I am a passionate active listener who loves to learn and draw.

Since 2015, I have been using drawings to transmit the ideas of my clients in an effective and playful way using illustrations, graphic recording, infographics or event graphic design. As a graphic recorder, I translate visually and simultaneously the content of a workshop, conference or other events on big posters or digitally. I have been working for various actors from NGOs, European institutions to private companies in diverse fields such as youth work, cultural heritage or digital rights. Based in Austria and in France, I can easily travel to your event. I am working in French, English and German.

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