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Graphic recording is the live capture of conferences, presentations, workshops or any events using visual and text elements. Usually done on big paper, it is a great method to engage the audience, give the key messages visible and remember the event.






Illustrations convey the message of a written text as an image. They inspire the readers and help them relay to the content. My style palette ranges from simple to complex drawings using both digital and analog methods.




Sketchnotes are graphic notetaking in small format. They are convenient for smaller events. They can be realised live during an event or based on written content.



Digital graphic recording is practical for big event where live-screening of the graphic recording is planned. It may also be used for digital meetings or online course. Using an Ipad Pro, I capture live the content of the event.



Handdrawn videos allow your audience to understand quickly and playfully your message. Through animated drawings, your story will be remembered and creatively put in pictures.



The visual identity of an event helps the audience to identify and remember the event. Coherent conference materials are a great tool to create a memorable experience. A lot of different materials, printed & digital, can be created to enhance the participants’ experience, let flow your imagination!



Infographics and strategic visualizations are illustrations which help people understand complex content by making the connexions and hierarchies between the informations visible. They can be integrated to websites or printed.



Together with a professional facilitator, we offer trainings in visual facilitation. The trainings are specifically designed for the audience and aim to give the visual tools you need for your work or/and personal life. You will discover how visuals can make your life more colorful and how everyone can draw!

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About me

Coline Robin is a French graphic recorder, illustrator and artist. After studies in architecture in Paris, France and Istanbul, Turkey and an artist residency in Graz, Austria, she started to work as a freelancer designing tailor-made visual solutions for her clients. Since 2015, she worked with NGOs, European institutions and private companies always using drawing as a tool for better understanding. She specialised in the topics of environmental justice, gender equality, human rights and youth work. She has worked in various countries including Lebanon, Turkey, Germany, Austria, Estonia, Palestine, France… Now based in Berlin, Germany, she is working in French, English, German and Spanish.  

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« I hired Coline for a customer-focused animation during our biggest annual industry event. It was a real pleasure to work with her. On top of being a talented artist, Coline was very switched on. She understood our challenging brief in no time and delivered a very high quality piece of work. I therefore highly recommend Coline’s services as a graphic recorder/illustrator. »

Delphine Delebarre, Amadeus Middle East

« The amazing art of graphic recording by Coline is truly inspiring and increases the learning outcomes and content harvesting by the participants to workshops and seminars! »

C.M., Youth worker

« Coline is very professional, this includes her kind and understanding personality, multilingual skills and collaborative spirit. Hire her and you will be very satisfied of the results. »

Viktoria Karpatszki, EU CoE Youth Partnership



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Contact me for any inquiry, collaboration request or question. Let’s talk about your project!

Prenez contact avec moi pour toute demande de renseignement ou de collaboration. Discutons ensemble !




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